Cloud Computing ‘Putting E-Mail Privacy At Risk’

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True but only part of the problem. It is true that sensitive data over non encrypted lines can be sniffed, but in fact is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Even if the transmission is encrypted, what about the final repository, where all the needles are stored? what if that repository (the data in google’s cloud) is stolen?

More: what if, suddenly, the owner of the cloud decides not to allow you access «your» information any longer, or that you have to pay just to recuperate it? or if it stored in a non-standard format and you need a (maybe expensive) software to handle it?

The e-banking example is quite different, because people already trusted in banks before internet age (in fact, we gave them our money before our info, that’s a lot of trust). But now we are trusting in companies we didn’t hear about just three years ago.

So, non-protected lines is an issue, but just the tip of the iceberg.

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